Cicero Coaching

We provide personal coaching services on a wide range of issues.

If you are interested in developing matters in your life, such as work/life balance, career or life changes, relationship stresses or you simply just want to reinvigorate things – coaching with us could be a great structure to use to shift into a new gear.

We work with professional individuals, partnerships, retirees, couples, teenagers and families to help activate new ways of being.

Cicero Coaching

We provide personal coaching services on a wide range of issues.

If you are interested in developing matters in your life, such as work/life balance, career or life changes, relationship stresses or you simply just want to reinvigorate things – coaching with us could be a great structure to use to shift into a new gear.

We work with professional individuals, partnerships, retirees, couples, teenagers and families to help activate new ways of being.

What Is Coaching?

What Is Coaching?


Coaching is a process designed to increase and heighten performance and wellbeing. It is progressive and forward focussed.

We partner with our clients to understand their circumstances, review their actions, methods and structures so that opportunities for growth can be identified and action plans to achieve them can be implemented.

The process is not limited to your occupation or personal relationships, on the contrary: a major founding principle of Coaching is to protect and promote every area of a Clients life so the greater sum can grow stronger.

Athletes and sports people that attain success invariably do so with a Coach. It’s a reasonably new concept to other industries and sectors, but when applied can deliver stunning results to individuals, teams and organisations alike. In a recent study it was found that Training in the workplace increased productivity by 22%, but Training in conjunction with Coaching increased productivity by a massive 77%. What could that mean to you?

Success, in any area of life is a product of confidence and repeated productivity. Confidence and productivity are a product of focus and support. Focus and support are a product of happiness and well being. Coaching brings all of these positive qualities to the fore and works to boost them with stronger foundations. Coaching applies careful scrutiny to an individuals entire life and encourages the client to pursue challenges and alternative ways of working, specifically to enhance the clients lifestyle and career resulting in greater achievements, increased rewards and a heightened sense of self-awareness.

The Coaching relationship is entirely tailored to each individual client and focussed specifically on the clients needs. Whether you wish to take on greater challenges, re-arrange commitments for a better ‘Work/Life Balance’ or to get unbiased guidance on every element of your Career and Wellbeing, Coaching from Cicero will provide you with a greater sense of confidence, motivation and structure.

Coaching is:
A perfect future focussed practical process for people at junctures in their life, where they need to address their priorities and set themselves challenges that are achievable, realistic and meaningful to them. Coaching with Cicero will help you identify these opportunities for growth and the best ways to approach them on your own terms.

Coaching is not:
Therapy / Counseling / Consulting or Mentoring – we won’t be asking you to delve deeply into personal tragedies or experience to identify complex psychological emotions and barriers and we won’t be writing the route maps we think you need to follow. Our job is to assist you in creating those plans yourself.

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The Cicero Process

The Cicero Process


At Cicero, we believe that everybody has the capacity to improve.  Our challenge is to understand where you are in life and where you’d like to be as a consequence of our work. But how do we do that?

A Coaching Session is a professional conversation that happens either in person, over the phone or via video conferencing.  Goals for the Client are identified and analysed for their realism as well as all the contexts and resources available to the client to enable them achieve what they want.  When that is established, action plans can be written.

Our job is to ask you the questions that you haven’t asked yourself and to encourage our Clients to build their own awareness of the opportunities they have available to them.  On this journey we will also assess habits and limits a Client may be imposing on themselves that are standing in the way of them getting what they want and devise necessary actions to get passed them.

Coaching with Cicero starts with an introductory consultation on the telephone. Then follows our ‘Intake’ session – ideally, this would be in person – but it can also take place on the phone or via video/audio conferencing such as Skype. The Intake session is around two hours and is a practical analysis of the activities, relationships, expectations, hopes and ideals that surround your life. As with all good Coaching sessions, this session is very structured and will encourage you to identify areas for development which can be addressed with the Coach with a broad view to your personal values and key motivators. We like to find out how you like to be spoken to and what you really want to achieve by employing our services.

From here we will discuss further sessions with you and a timeline for them to cover. An average course of Coaching sessions would be around 6-12 sessions, undertaken once weekly until completion. This is simply a guide however, some people may need or request more sessions, some: less.

Following the Intake session, Coaching sessions are generally 1 hour in duration and conducted over the phone, or via video/audio conferencing such as Skype. We find that this allows our clients to be in an environment that is calm, private and focussed – and is also easier to schedule around their lives. If your home or workplace is unsuitable for this, or you wish to see a Coach in person, we can discuss locations and ways to make that a possibility.

What Do I Need To Do?
All a Coach needs to work with you is the assurance that you will be open, honest and committed to the goals and life changes you commit to during sessions. From here, the Coach will help you identify the who/what/why/where/how of any issue.

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“Coaching is about making you greater.”  R.Chicorel.

“When life gets fast and demanding, it’s pretty easy to get lost amongst it all”.  S.Yates.

“Everyday is less stressful and more productive…”  S. Albertsson.

“I have achieved more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years…”  E.Reed

“I use what I’ve learned everyday.”  B. Mark

“Tim is my “go-to” person.”  J.Anderson-Ramshall

– L.Matei – Account Director – UK (36)

I absolutely loved working with Tim, during one of the toughest transition periods of my professional life! It’s not only about his high and extensive coach expertise, techniques and experience. It is about his fantastic custom-made coaching approach, his ability to really listen deeply, actively. It’s about his passion for the individual in front of him, his ability of identifying one’s strengths and distinctive qualities. Recognising and fully embracing one’s greater potential. And then unlocking it! And he does this in the most natural manner. Tim knows what he’s doing, he’s both empathetic and insightful, understanding your world. So he would walk with you through its shadows if necessarily, no matter the degree of ambiguity, getting you back in control and back to your confident-self. Fresh perspectives, a friendly but very disciplined approach for your own benefit (yes, you will have to do your homework with Tim aham!) , a great bright personality, very well organised and solid structured thinking. Yet extremely flexible and making it easy for the person in front of him. Tim is definitely your guy!

– J.Anderson-Ramshall – HR Partner Engine Group – UK

It has been a pleasure working with Tim over the last couple of years and I look forward to working with him more in the future! Tim is my “go-to” person when I have employees wanting a promotion, who are not quite “there” yet. He works with my staff to allow them to realise and achieve their goals in a comfortable and confidential manner. Tim also works with my staff on a number of other issues such as finding he right balance in terms of work and personal life to bring some harmony back. I would recommend Tim as a great coach to work with!

– J.Izzard – Director – UK (35)

It’s been a pleasure working with Tim over the past few months. He understands Marketing as a discipline and has got a real knack of getting to the heart of key issues for his clients, to unlock greater potential in a very natural, warm manner. He’s insightful but believable, with a very human approach that is grounded in real-world experience and deep coaching expertise. Go and speak to him.

– R.Chicorel – Board Planning Director – UK (35)

There’s a certain taboo about “career coaching”. Most leaders (or wanna-be-leaders) do not like the idea of a career coach because they feel that if they need one is because there’s something wrong with them as professionals. Career coaching is, in fact, all about making you greater (sharper, more confident, more in control and more glass half full) than you’d ever thought you could be. Tim has helped me achieve exactly that. He is very insightful and has great emotional intelligence. Even though he never worked in advertising, it did feel like he understood the industry well enough to truly, TRULY, help me be a greater (and happier) Planning Director. I always say that the best criteria to measure how great (or not) a person is at their job is as follows – ask yourself the question: “if I had my own agency, would I hire this person?” And with Tim the answer is YES – without blinking.

– S.Yates – Director/Photographer – UK (29)

I was at a point in my life where I wanted to better align the things I was good at with the things I love which can be a common theme for creatives and something I think we all struggle with. It’s always been important to me to find a way to better fuse my desire to have a creative voice with making a living but when life gets fast, and demanding it’s pretty easy to get lost amongst it all. Tim helped me look at my life objectively. Helped me to organise my thoughts, the things that matter to me, to look at my creative pursuits, the things that make me happy and how better to turn those into a living without compromising too much. He was patient, personable, positive and pushed me to find the answers from within myself and never led me somewhere that wasn’t my natural direction.
He encouraged me to find the confidence and focus to explore what I really wanted to do with my career and then gave me the tools to reach new goals step by step. These invaluable tools feel like a gift that are now with me for life and I’m able to access them whenever I need them. I wouldn’t think twice about working with Tim. If you’re struggling to figure out how to achieve what you want in life or need help getting closer to knowing what you want, you simply have to see him.

– J.Campbell – Publisher – UK (42)

Tim was a real tower of strength for me at a time when I desperately needed it. I had recently gone through a very tough time with my family, and work had suffered as a result, so I was having a double-dip recession all of my own! What I really needed was a calm voice of reason to steer me back on to a more structured & focussed path. Tim provided that in a very friendly, logical & nurturing way. I do not always react well to people telling me how to run my life, but Tim never offended this side of me & always somehow managed to be instructive without being bossy or pushy. He steers you in the right direction but makes you feel like you’re doing all the driving, if that makes any sense. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

– S.Albertsson – Songwriter/Artist/Business Owner – Denmark – (26)

“Being 26 years old, a father to the two most wonderful kids in the world, studying at university, playing in a touring band, working on a new, succesful solo-career and thinking about starting a record-label… No wonder my life was quite chaotic, to say the least. Having the ambitions regarding my career, and wanting to be as good a father as possible is incredibly important to me. Before I started to work with Tim Hole, I continuously felt insufficient, stressed, and my goals were blurry. Working with Tim changed all that. He implemented a balance that was not existing. A balance that was vital for my family. Not only did he pave the way for me to grasp what values and aspects of my life are the most important to me, he gave me the tools to improve my involvement in these different aspects. He changed the way I usually look at tasks ahead, and helped facilitate a structure in the path of reaching the goals I need to fulfill. Tim is a great listener, but he also knows when to take control of a conversation to steer it towards solutions. It was a true pleasure to work with Tim, and it has changed the way l work. My everyday is now less stressful and more productive and my life is now organized in a way, that the time spent with my family is more gratifying for everyone.”

– E.Reed – Style Consultant – UK (38)

“After having a baby and at the point where I was having to put my work hat back on, I decided to try Life Coaching Sessions. A few people had recommended it, and although I was a bit skeptical at first and unsure what to expect, I decided to give it a go. I now think its one of the best things I’ve ever done! Tim has the most amazing manner about him, with his help I have achieved more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years, in terms of focusing on my life and working out the priorities, but more importantly making things happen that in the past I’ve talked about but done nothing with. What’s really amazing to me are the other areas in addition to my work that Tim has helped me realise through the sessions that I needed to change or approach differently. I have had all my sessions via skype which has made it really easy for me with a small baby as time is of the essence and I couldn’t have got child care to travel to sessions. I thought it might be awkward doing it this way at first but Tim’s relaxed manner made me feel at ease straight away. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks there are any areas of your life that could be improved on, be it friends, work, health or relationships. I embarked on Life Coaching Sessions to focus my business and marketing ideas but was surprised to find out other areas that were clogging up my time and energies. I feel less weighed down, more organised and better at prioritising my time and I’m bubbling with creative ideas for my business. Thanks Tim you’re a genius!”

–B.Mark – Songwriter/Artist – UK (32)

“I’d recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to generate new ways of getting the most out of their working and personal life. I found it a great way of organising ideas and goals, as well identifying obstacles and how to get around them. As a self employed person, it is essential to be able to assess what you are already achieving, and what you want to do in the future. So often we don’t get the opportunity to fully explore what we are capable of, and that’s where these methods really worked for me. I found better ways of being my own boss, and found myself feeling both more inspired and more confident. I’ve taken so much away with me from the sessions, and I use what I’ve learned everyday.
I had a very productive experience that helped bring out a lot of those fabled ‘Eureka!’ moments for me!”

– A.Currie – Designer – UK (39)

“As a self-employed person it’s easy to allow yourself to get cut-off or think that you’re on your own and nobody can help. Coaching with Cicero/Tim and has let me see that communicating around your work problems with the right person can often identify other issues existing in your personal life or a general pattern of repeat behaviour that has an undesirable effect. By giving everything it’s own space, time and challenges I’ve watched positive development occur in everything I do.

Meet the Coach

Meet the Coach


Tim is consummately enlightened to the pressures experienced by family members, as well as people in positions of leadership and scrutiny. With over 20 years experience in career and project management in the creative media industries, he still works with a variety of media organisations, coaching their personnel. He is married with two, school-aged children.

Tim holds the following qualifications:

Diploma in Performance Coaching
BA (Hons) in Film and Video
BTEC in Media Studies

As a commitment to Coaching excellence Tim is continually adding to his existing qualifications with training from The Coaching Academy which is endorsed by:

The Open College Network (OCN)
The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Education Development International plc (EDI)
The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
CPD Certification Service
The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC)
International Coaching Federation
Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme

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